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Buying & Selling

Acquisition service:

Our personal London property purchase service is tailored to your specific needs. Whether in London or overseas, we will work closely with you to find the perfect home or property to add to your portfolio.

We can co-ordinate every step of your property purchase until your moving-in day. Our dedicated private client approach will take the stress out of home buying so you can concnetrate on selectiong the perfect property.

Our bespoke search & accompaniment service includes:

- A consultation, during which we explore your requirements, deciding on area, budget and time-scale

- For those new to London, a chauffeured tour of areas that best suit you

- Communication with local agents, developers, private off-market sellers, presenting your requirements as precisely as possible

- Valuable time previewing every property offered, ensuring it suits your needs

- Accompanying you on viewings of the carefully chosen properties


Property found!

- We negotiate the best terms and conditions on your behalf

- We ensure regular and intense coordination and communication with all involved: buyer, seller, seller's and purchasers's solicitors, surveyor, the mrtgage provider and any other advisers brought on board

- We rely on our established network of experts and professionals and manage to book surveyors between 24 to 48 hours

- Our utlimate goal: reaching the vital stage of exchange of contracts as quickly as possible, saving you financial and emotional time!

- We communicate with your solicitor, assist you, inspect the property prior to transfer of funds and will collect keys upon completion

We are there with you, until the final touch!